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The no hassle way to prepare your home for sale

A reliable, cost-conscious approach to preparing your home for sale. After making the decision to sell your home, the list of repairs and updates grows quickly and the time to do them shrinks. Now, you’re left with the choice of selecting a trustworthy contractor who will actually show up and get everything done in a timely fashion. Or doing the repairs yourself, which often comes with a hefty learning curve.


Partnering with a contractor who is invested in completing your list on time and on budget gives you the peace of mind to focus on what really matters – finding your new home and enjoying your life. 60% of our past clients have experienced contractor abandonment early or midway through the job. This can delay listing your home, and, for repairs needed post-inspection, it can cause buyers to walk away.


Eliminate this risk, by choosing a contractor with more than 23 years of experience building and remodeling. Our services include, but are not limited to:


  • Installing appliances, door handles, cabinet hardware, trim, shelves and doors

  • Replacing light fixture, ceiling fan, bathroom fixtures

  • Repairing drywall 

  • Painting

  • Repairing decks, fences and siding

  • Replacing hard-to-reach light bulbs

  • Installing under-cabinet lighting 

  • Mailbox replacement/installation

  • Pressure washing

  • Cleaning gutters 

  • Furniture removal and disposal/donation

Call today to discuss your needs 1.815.200.9338.

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